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Hintergrundbild des Studienbereichs Facilities Management

Facilities Management

In the Facility Management degree program, you will deal with various tasks in the areas of management, real estate management, properties, buildings, services, building systems events, building automation and workplaces. Facility managers develop and operate sustainable working environments for organizations, provide them, manage and optimize them holistically, strategically and in an integrated manner. 

What are the focal points in the study program?

The modules in the study program include the management of real estate, user-oriented construction planning, building operation, energy management, smart building, building automation, management or the life cycle of a property. Additionally, the content includes elective modules in Hospitality Management, Event Management, FM Digital, Security Management can be attended. The options differ depending on the educational institution.

How long does a degree in facility management take?

Depending on the field of study or type of school, the duration of the training differs. The bachelor's degree can be completed full-time or part-time model and usually lasts between 6-10 semesters. If you then still want to connect the master, this takes another 4 semesters.

How much does the training cost?

A bachelor's degree costs between 4,500 -8,000 francs, depending on the university and duration, and at a higher technical school between 10,000 - 50,000 francs, again depending on the course of education. The differences are shown to you here

What are the admission requirements for an education Facility Management?

Depending on the training institution- and place, different requirements are necessary to be accepted into the course. Often, basic knowledge in mathematics and physics is required and a year of work experience must be presented.

Vocations and careers after studying in facility management

Depending on the completed field of study, facility managers FH take on different tasks in the management and operation. They work, for example, in organizations and companies such as banks, insurance companies, ICT service providers, universities, hospitals, airports, housing cooperatives or real estate companies and manage there, among other things, the properties, real estate or buildings or even facilities. Also the management of employees.

Wage after training or study in facility management

The salary: In Switzerland, as a facility manager, a salary Between 74,000.- and 101,000 francs is possible, this varies, of course, depending on the industry, degree and position. Potential employers can be found here.

What experience is there in facility management studies?

Bachelor or Master: Specific courses in facility management at universities, universities of applied sciences or HF in Switzerland including experiences of students or graduates can be found below. Also you will find below a selection of course participants and professionals who will advise you online and free of charge regarding studies and careers.

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