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Hintergrundbild des Studienbereichs Marketing


Marketing is about marketing the product or service to the customer or target group by means of good advertising or good campaigns. This must of course be done better than the competitors. To do this, you need in-depth knowledge, entrepreneurial thinking and leadership skills. In the course of the study program, the fundamentals of advertising psychology, media management and business administration are also used to develop the various methods and instruments. Digitalization has greatly changed the environment of marketing, which is why the topic of online marketing is increasingly being addressed in addition to traditional marketing. Marketing specialists take care of marketing communication, plan marketing measures and implement them successfully.

Sales specialists can also work in marketing, as they take on all tasks in the field of sales. For example, sales specialists also conduct market research. 

What are the main areas of study?

During your studies you will learn to develop marketing strategies, implement marketing concepts, conduct market research and analyze customer behavior. Other modules include: Corporate Finance, Macroeconomics and Project Management. In addition, most courses teach the basics of business administration, such as accounting or business law. Depending on the training location and course, the modules may differ.

How long does the education or training last?

If you take a bachelor's degree in business with a major in marketing, the training takes 3 years of full-time study. Part-time, the training takes correspondingly longer. 

For further education, the duration can vary greatly: For example, if you want to complete a further education course as a marketing specialist with a federal certificate, the duration is around 1.5 years. A CAS Digital Marketing, on the other hand, takes around 4 months. 

But you also have the option of taking specific courses in marketing and communications. These courses usually last only a few lessons and are taken part-time.

How much does education or training cost?

For a bachelor's degree at a university of applied sciences, you must expect costs of around 750.- to 900 francs per semester. For continuing education, the costs are somewhat higher: if you attend a college of higher education, the costs range from 10,000 to 50,000 francs, and a CAS costs between 6,000 to 10,000 francs in most cases. If you want to take a professional exam or a higher technical exam, you have to expect costs between 5'000 to 15'000 francs.

What are the admission requirements?

For a bachelor's degree program, you need a vocational baccalaureate, a baccalaureate from a grammar school or a specialized baccalaureate. Depending on the university of applied sciences, you also need study-specific practical experience in the form of a 12-month work experience. The recognition of practical experience should be clarified with the respective educational institution. With a diploma from a recognized higher technical college in the job-specific field, you will be admitted without an examination in most cases.

For various continuing education courses such as the CAS, a university degree and several years of professional experience are required for admission. Who does not bring a university degree, must show correspondingly more work experience. Often, a decision is also made ""sur dossier.""

Vocations and careers after graduation

Marketing graduates can work in the following career fields, among others: Marketing Management, Digital/Online Marketing Management, Product Management, Brand Management, and Digital Analysis.

Marketers with a federal certificate or diploma gain subject-specific expertise and are suitable for a management position, depending on the industry and company.

Wage after studies / training

In Switzerland, the average salary is around CHF 70,000 to 100,000 per year. This can vary depending on the industry and company. On average, a marketing specialist earns around CHF 7,000 per month. As a marketing manager, you earn around CHF 8,500 per month.

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