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Master in Architecture



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Master in Architecture


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4 semesters




120 ECTS


CHF 950,- /semester





Rolling admissions

February/ September

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The Master’s degree programme in Architecture reflects on the diverse and complex challenges facing architecture as a socially responsible profession today. An understanding of and an active engagement with cultural sustainability are at the heart of its curriculum.


  • Architectural studies committed to cultural sustainability and social relevance
  • One-to-one teaching in small studios and classes
  • Cosmopolitan atmosphere in a unique alpine setting

Design Studios and electives

Diverse design studios give students the opportunity to engage with this topic on a variety of scales, applying a multitude of design and research methodologies and preparing them for the demands of the broad field of architecture and urban design. Together with a series of elective modules, they enable students to design their own curriculum and thus develop their personal interests in a detailed manner. 

Personal and international

Small classes and design studios provide a personal, creative and productive learning and research environment. Currently, students of more than 30 different nationalities create a unique cosmopolitan atmosphere on a compact campus within a stunning alpine setting. A compulsory semester abroad at one of the institute’s international, high-profile partner universities helps students to test their acquired knowledge in a different cultural and academic environment and offers new perspectives and opportunities.

Careers with responsibility

Graduates from the Master’s degree programme in Architecture are well prepared for a career in architecture and its associated fields, and thanks to the sound practical and academic education, promising perspectives may also arise in various research areas and academia.


Academic setting

Truly international
The Master’s degree programme is characterized by a high degree of internationality, which is a result of the international team of instructors and the continued collaboration with international guest reviewers for mid term and final reviews of the design studios. Furthermore, intercultural exchange is promoted by excursion projects and design seminars conducted by internationally renowned experts. 

Lively culture of exchange
Students work in small groups in close collaboration with design instructors and other teaching staff. This environment promotes individuality and fosters personal commitment. The interaction of students of over 30 different nationalities with students and instructors from the neighbouring countries as well as from overseas creates a cosmopolitan atmosphere shaped by regional identity.

Studio spaces
The Institute provides studio spaces for 70 students in the Master’s degree programme, with individual workplaces for each student. This setup fosters an intensive and personal work environment with invaluable informal contact between students and instructors, as well as a lively interdisciplinary exchange with students and staff of other academic disciplines taught at the university.


Academic goals

Above all, students successfully completing the Master’s degree programme in Architecture are enabled to:

• execute their future profession according to important and fresh insights gained from academic research and practice;
• assume leadership roles while committed to responsibility in action;
• think and act in a sustainable, holistic, global and interdisciplinary way;
• carry responsibility for our future and  cultural heritage;
• independently conduct in-depth academic work that is required for admission to a doctoral degree programme.



The Institute of Architecture and Planning is awarding several API Scholarships to regular students of the Master’s degree programme in Architecture at the University of Liechtenstein. The API Scholarships, awarded per semester to applicants who demonstrate financial need and academic excellence are provided by the Stiftung für Produkteinnovation API which supports the research and development of projects addressing sustainable construction and energy efficiency.

There is no guarantee that students who have been awarded a scholarship for one semester will continue to receive for the entire duration of their studies at the University of Liechtenstein.

Successful applicants will receive CHF 1‘600 at the beginning of the semester. This is the equivalent of the tuition fee (CHF 850), estimated costs for printing and materials (CHF 250) and the average cost of a design seminar (CHF 500).

To be eligible for re-application for the second and fourth semester, students must have completed a minimum of 20 ECTS in their previous semester at the University of Liechtenstein (incl. a Design Studio and the Design Seminar) and their overall performance (grade) must be above average. There is no guarantee that even if these criteria are fulfilled the scholarship is being awarded.

To apply for the API Scholarship please submit in addition to your application letter which expresses your financial need, the API Application form and one reference from the applicant's current/most recent employer, indicating their support for the applicant. API Application form.pdf (0.8 MB)

Please return the API Application form completed and signed not later than June 30th for the winter semester and December 31st  for the summer semester, together with the following mandatory enclosures:
2 references: 1x from the applicant's current Professor/architectural design tutor, 1x from the applicant's
current/most recent employer, indicating their support for the applicant.

Please find the application submission address below and for further information contact:
Dipl. Arch. FH Jeannette Risch 
T +423 265 11 24

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