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Hintergrundbild des Studiengangs Master of Science in Architecture der Università della Svizzera italiana USI







Master in Architecture



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2 years




120 ECTS


CHF 2'000.- per semester for applicants whose official residence was in Switzerland (including Liechtenstein) at the time of the final high school exam (Maturità).


Italienisch, Englisch



Application deadline: 15/02/22 for non-EU/EFTA; 15/04/22 for EU/EFTA


Beginn des Studiengangs

Verpflegungsmöglichkeit: Ja

USI has two cafeterias, one on the West Campus and one on the East Campus

Sportmöglichkeit: Ja

Sports Service: over 50 weekly courses and a Gym at complete disposal of all students





The Master's education in Architecture lasts two years and must be supplemented with an additional period of 9 consecutive months of internship.

A total of 120 ECTS credit points must be obtained. Entry into the program is only possible in the fall semester.

Instruction occurs mainly in Italian, but courses in English are also offered. Proof of English language proficiency is not required to enter the MSc program.

Please note that candidates who already have a Master's Degree diploma in Architecture will not be admitted.

The MSc degree is open to students who have trained under the new European Regulations, as well as students who have completed their university education on the basis of the previous regulations. The conditions of admission are as follows:

  •    Students who have obtained the title of BSc at the Academy, at ETHZ or at EPFL: access is automatic, provided the conditions of the Regulation of Studies and the examinations of the Academy have been complied with.
  •    Students who have graduated BSc from another university: access is not automatic and is subordinated to their possession of the necessary educational credits and to the availability of places. The Mobility Commission evaluates each application in relation to the curriculum of studies of the Academy. The following Bachelor’s degrees are not considered valid for admission to the MSc courses: Interior Design, Graphic Design, Industrial Design, Urban Planning, Landscape Architecture, Construction and Civil Engineering or BSc degrees conducted by telematics education (e-learning).
  •    Students who have graduated under the previous regulations in another university: access is not automatic and is subordinated to their possession of the necessary educational credits and to the availability of places. The Mobility Commission evaluates each application in relation to the curriculum of studies of the Academy.
  •    Students possessing an Arch. diploma SUPSI or from other Swiss professional universities (FHS, HES) may enroll in the MSc course by accumulating at least 30 educational credits as defined by the Academy. The Academy reserves the right to examine the candidate’s specific curriculum.


The official teaching language is Italian, but individual lectures, courses or design studios and their relevant examinations may be conducted in English. Working knowledge of English is desirable and may be prescribed by the Study and Examination Regulations. By specific request made in good time, and with the agreement of the faculty member responsible for each examination, the examinations may be taken in other languages.

For students who are not native Italian speakers, the Academy organizes intensive courses in Italian which take place before the academic year. Other courses are offered during the semesters. Various institutions organize courses in Italian for the purpose of attending university courses.

The main teaching language is Italian. Proficiency language certificates are not required but students are invited to join the optional Italian course (for both beginners and advanced users) before the beginning of the semester. Some courses are taught in English. Students are required a basic knowledge.

Über den Studiengang

The Master of Science in Architecture offers the opportunity to acquire the most advanced theoretical knowledge and operative skills for the practice of contemporary architectural design. Architectural design is taught through its disciplinary foundations and is closely related to technological innovation, environmental issues, models of territorial management and the themes of restoration and reestablishment of the historical, architectural and environmental heritage.

The study program consists of a series of theoretical lectures and design studios dedicated to arguments and methods of architectural design in its different forms (housing, services industry, culture, etc.) and scales (from interior design to the architectural structure all the way up to the urban and territorial plan).

The program draws on two different but correlated teaching approaches.

  • The first consists of theoretical courses pertaining to the methodological, technological, and historical knowledge that will enable future architects to explore central themes of contemporary architectural culture critically.
  • The second approach entails each semester, the choice of a design studio which focuses on a specific project typology, whether architectural or urban. In the years of the Master, students are asked to produce one theoretical paper on topics of their own choice with the approval of a teacher.

The last semester is entirely dedicated to the drafting of the final thesis, which consists of a project that is related to a topic chosen by the design studio professor. Although each professor chooses a different topic to be developed by his students, all concern a specific site selected by the school.

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