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Hintergrundbild des Studiengangs Master in European Studies in Investor Relations and Financial Communication der Università della Svizzera italiana USI







Master in European Studies in Investor Relations and Financial Communication



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2 years




120 ECTS


Tuition fees for the Master's degree amount to Euro 3’000 per semester. Tuition fees have to be paid to Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore.






Beginn des Studiengangs

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USI has two cafeterias, one on the West Campus and one on the East Campus


Sports Service: over 50 weekly courses and a Gym at complete disposal of all students









The number of places available is limited. Up to 60 students may be admitted into this programme.

The formal requirement for admission to the Master's degree in European studies in investor relations and financial communication is a Bachelor's degree, in the fields of Economics, Communication Sciences or other relevant disciplines.

The undergraduate degree obtained after a minimum of 3 years of study (180 ECTS) must satisfy the requirements for access to second-level academic studies in the awarding country. The degree has to be issued by a higher education institution, which is regularly accredited or recognized in the awarding country. The undergraduate degree must be obtained before 31 December 2022.

Students who obtain one of the following Bachelor Degrees are automatically eligible to be admitted to the Master programme:

  • Bachelor Degree in Communication Science or in Economics at USI
  • Bachelor Degree in Economia dei mercati e degli intermediari finanziari, Scienze linguistiche e Scienze linguistiche per le relazioni internazionali at Università Cattolica dal Sacro Cuore with a minimum weighted average of 23/30 and at least 110 ECTS.


Please check the language requirements listed at

Über den Studiengang

The Master "European Studies in Investor Relations and Financial Communication" is offered jointly by Università della Svizzera italiana in Lugano (Faculty of Communication, Culture and Society) and by Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan, Italy (Faculty of Banking and Finance and Faculty of Languages). The first year of the programme takes place in Milan, while the second year is hosted in Lugano. The programme awards 120 ECTS over 4 semesters and it is entirely offered in English.

The Master programme in Investor Relations and Financial Communication offers students the unique opportunity to acquire an integrated set of competencies, including financial, communicative, legal and language knowledge, which is strong and increasingly required in the financial sector. The financial sector is facing new challenges: people working in such an environment are expected to master, besides a solid financial background, also strong capacities in communicating with clients and investors and a mature awareness of the legal framework in which financial services and products are promoted and transactions are negotiated.

The aim of the Master is to form specialists operating in the banking sector and in capital markets being able to bridge the information and knowledge gaps between financial experts and lay investors and entrepreneurs. Moreover, such specialists will be asked to manage strategically the huge quantity of information so that it can be put "at work" to foster sound investment decisions.