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Become an expert

As an expert, you help those interested in choosing a course of study or a profession and provide relevant input in their career.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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Raphael Tobler

Geschäftsführer & Inhaber

An expert at eduwo acts as a direct contact person for a specific topic and shares his/her experience. As an expert, you also present a company, a school or a course of study and ensure that interested parties can get a better picture.

Becoming an expert at eduwo is free of charge and free of any obligations. You can accept or decline requests.

What current experts say

Daniela Scherrer

“As an expert, you not only have the opportunity to answer important questions from interested parties, but also to develop personally. So you can not only make exciting contacts, but also learn from each other.“

Daniela Scherrer

Lehrperson Primarstufe (1. - 6. Klasse), Pädagogische Hochschule St.Gallen

Pascal Brunner

“I registered as an expert on eduwo because at that time I had a lot of questions myself about degree programmes or job profiles that very often went unanswered by the relevant organisations. Now I like to pass on my experience to interested people.”

Pascal Brunner

Bachelor in Gesundheitswissenschaften und Technologie, Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich

Expert activities

Interested users

How were your studies? How are the career opportunities in your company? Do you have any tips and recommendations?


Answers questions from interested parties around his/her qualifications and gives exciting inputs in the process

Added value for all

  • Making new contacts
  • Interested parties learn relevant information at first hand
  • Direct inputs, tips for studying and career opportunities

Why you should become an expert!

Can you still remember when you:

  • didn't know what you wanted to study?
  • had no idea what career field you wanted to enter?
  • lost the overview of the job ad jungle?
  • Then you also know that it's the same or similar for many others, as it was for you back then. Become part of eduwo and help others.

Can you answer the following questions?

  • What does your daily work look like and what is the company culture?
  • What further training opportunities are there in your area?
  • Which modules did you find particularly exciting?
  • How much percent can I work besides the apprenticeship or further training?

Added value and advantages

Use the platform yourself

Find all Swiss schools and all courses or further training. Thanks to thousands of experience reports on studies and courses, you can get a better picture of your career opportunities. Contact experts who will personally take you further.


Become part of eduwo and help reduce the dropout rate or support your school / your company.

Positive feeling

„Every day a good deed.“ - Who doesn't know it? As an expert, you help others find the right educational and career path.

Image & Profile for your CV

As an expert, you have the opportunity to constantly present yourself and actively build contacts. In addition, supporting activities in the CV are welcome.


After a certain number of answered requests, we will be happy to send you a reference. This not only confirms your commitment, but it also looks good in your CV.

Company culture

Share exciting experiences from your professional life and act as a mediator of the corporate culture of your company.


Improve your mentor profile by achieving certain levels. You will be rewarded with different awards, such as: „Among the first 50 mentors“.

New contacts

Exchange with other experts on eduwo and make new, valuable contacts. Also get to know potential employees / fellow students before starting work and give them your experiences.

Frequently asked questions

Here you will find all the important information at a glance!

What effort is expected as an expert?

The effort depends entirely on your profile and the number of requests you accept or reject. However, you will not have to sacrifice any nights to answer all requests. We expect 1-3 requests per month.

Is it cost / do I get something for it?

Since we as former students know how difficult the decision in the field of education & career can be, the mentoring function is and remains free of charge. We cannot offer a salary. If you have a certain number of processed requests, we will be happy to send you a reference. In addition, you benefit from discounts and participation in competitions.

What does the expert program bring me?

In the first place, we appeal to the social aspect. Imagine you are trapped alone in the educational or professional jungle. You would be happy to have someone to help you. But you benefit from being an expert yourself and having made valuable experiences.

What does the expert program bring my school?

The expert function can help reduce the number of study dropouts. Through the possibility of direct exchange, interested parties can inform themselves first-hand.

What does the expert program bring my company?

By means of the expert function, you relieve the HR department of your company from administrative tasks. There is almost daily a high number of questions about certain career opportunities in the mailbox, which cannot be answered or forwarded.

How can I register as an expert at eduwo?


If I don't like the expert program, can I unsubscribe?

Of course! The expert program is free of any obligations. You have full control over your profile and your requests. You can unsubscribe at any time.

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